Jimmy Fund

Since 2006, when a young friend of ours was diagnosed with cancer, we’ve walked in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk to support the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.  And since we started walking, we have allowed our guests at the Loon Chalet to lower their

Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk, 2015. Team: Friends of Sandy

Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk. Team: Friends of Sandy.

rental rate if they make a gift to the Jimmy Fund. It won’t cost you a penny, and will likely give you a deduction on your income taxes*.

Here’s how it works. First, you tell me that you wish to participate. I will lower your rental rate by up to $25 per night to a maximum of a $100 discount. (If you are booking through HomeAway, wait! Please book directly with us for this offer.)

Then, you make a gift to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s “Jimmy Fund”. You may support a friend who’s riding in the Pan Mass Challenge or a walker in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk — or you could support our team’s fundraising effort. Here’s the link!

After you make your gift, just send us a copy of your donation receipt. If you support our walk, you may skip this step as we’ll receive a confirmation of your gift directly from the Jimmy Fund.

When you choose to donate to the Jimmy Fund, your actual rental rate is lower, and therefore, so is your lodging tax. It’s not a lot, but if you make a $100 gift, your total cost of rent, taxes and donation will be $9 lower… but better than saving a few dollars, you will likely be eligible to lower your income taxes by having made a charitable donation… and still better… we both get to do good while you have a fun vacation.

Since we started this program, our teams have raised over $12,000, thanks to generous support from our guests and friends. So, join us! Take a vacation, fight cancer. Have fun. Do good!